The New Normal

When this pandemic started and the world paused...I paused too. Mournful watching the death toll rise in China, then Italy, now everywhere. Worried about the health and well-being of the human race and also troubled about the state of the world. I am now a few weeks into social distancing and working from home. I am adapting, we are all adapting, to "The New Normal". Our houses are cleaner and more organized than they have ever been. We finally seem to have time for home cooked meals and game nights. Our pets are so thrilled to have us by their sides but maybe not so thrilled about the number of walks per day now. We are finding new ways to tether through social media and technology, grasping onto the human connection we all need. We are even finding humour in this tragic situation. We are coping. In the midst of tragedy and coping, I paused this business, that just a few short weeks ago, I was over the moon excited about. It suddenly was not a priority as people were scrambling to find basic necessities and worried about their health and the health of their loved ones. Most importantly, in that state, I felt uncomfortable and uneasy. While we are far from through this, I am so proud to watch people emerge and not only embrace this new normal, but transform in it. This new normal is social distancing and trying to save lives, but it is also adapting and finding hope. From my isolation, I am watching caremongering and kindness happen. I am watching people finding creative solutions and I am watching businesses adapt and try to survive by offering no contact solutions. In seeing this, I realized that my business is part of The New Normal. I have access to products from across the world; some necessities and some frivolous, but the frivolous can still bring something we all need I miss connecting with my customers, sourcing products they need or answering questions about the products I have listed. I really miss that. And most importantly, I know that I offer the fairest prices I can. I have never and continue to not be in the business of gouging people. This is my side hustle. It's fun and I need fun right now. Products are shipped from my suppliers directly to you - no contact. The one thing I have always told my customers is that because products are coming from all over the world, shipping is free but not fast. Shipping of products has slowed down a little more lately, but not halted. Products are still being shipped and arriving. If there is anything you are looking for, please message me and I will strive to find for you. I will continue to post products too. I hope everyone is staying well, physically and mentally, during this difficult time. I hope you can find some joy and connection in "The New Normal".