Shipping in the Time of COVID

Canadian Shopaholic Inc. is your online Canadian Pop Up Store, but our suppliers are located all over the world. At Canadian Shopaholic Inc., we are finding that shipping in the time of COVID is like Love in the time of Cholera. We know consumers yearn for their products and romanticize about the days when Amazon Prime would deliver within a day or two. Sadly, the days of instant gratification are no longer. When Amazon Prime is taking weeks to a month to deliver, small guys like us at Canadian Shopaholic Inc. are experiencing longer delivery times too. We offer incredible products at great prices, but want you to be aware that shipping times are delayed. At Canadian Shopaholic, we are the little fish in the big pond, but we will always follow up on your products and keep in touch with you. While quick delivery is a thing of the past, good customer service is here to stay with Canadian Shopaholic Inc .