Canadian Shopaholic Inc. began in December 2019 as a small online store for the Canadian Shopper and is continuing to grow in 2020. This growth is not without its challenges in our new normal. Our entire world is in flux - a state of constant change - and if you regularly visit Canadian Shopahoilc Inc.'s store, you may notice this in our product listing and our pricing. At Canadian Shopaholic Inc., we are committed to finding you cool products at the best possible prices we can. Our mark up is very minimal. The state of flux in the world is creating an environment where our suppliers are changing their prices daily, which in turns results in us having to change our pricing. If prices go down, we pass that savings on to you, but if costs increase, we have to increase as well. This is even true with shipping costs. We recently had to delist a product, not because its cost increased, but we were shocked to find that the shipping cost had gone from a few dollars to $52.95! That change, which we stumbled across made continuing to sell that product impossible. 

You may have also noticed that some products are available for months and others disappear quickly and unfortunately we can't predict this. We recommend that if you like a product - scoop it up - just in case. 

We will always look for a new supplier of a product for you and can always source products, but we can't make any guarantees. 

In this state of flux, we at Canadian Shopaholic Inc. not only appreciate your business, but your patience. Thank you.